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Are You Ready For Change?

Artificial Intelligence, Bots, and Apps have raised customer expectations. If you are an organization, business or nonprofit, changes are at hand. The basic rules of customer engagement have not changed, but how those rules are applied continues to change. Customer...

Ready, Set, Go!

(Excerpts from workshop) The changes in marketing and communications are happening at lighting speed! However, there are basic concepts and rules that never change. The first thing that marketers must be aware of is that they must get ready, get set, and go! Get...

Branding is No Joke.

Branding is no joke. Your brand is more than your logo. If you want others to take your brand seriously, you must take it seriously. Many organizations do not understand that proper branding requires you to “dress for success.” To begin the process, you must think...

The Case For Design

Design for some is essential to a good product or service. However, some treat it like a necessary evil. Poorly designed logos, literature and even products have become the norm. With the advent of off-the-shelf design programs, anyone can claim to be a designer. Many...


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