Design for some is essential to a good product or service. However, some treat it like a necessary evil. Poorly designed logos, literature and even products have become the norm.

With the advent of off-the-shelf design programs, anyone can claim to be a designer. Many of older graphic designers remember today the days when artists had to know how to draw, paint and illustrate. They were taught how to use tools that would not hide their mistakes. The growth of the computer, especially the Apple, freed up the designer and opened the door for even the untrained to create flyers, videos, brochures, etc.

Today, templates and cheap design are readily available. However, those who want to stand out and create value for their company or organization still look to professional design created by firms and individuals who now how to make designs that fit their brand and mission. Templates cannot do that.

So, why do you need good graphics and product design?

Good design helps you stand out.

Good design helps communicates your story.

Good design speaks to your brand.

Good design makes the customer comfortable.

Good design creates credibility.

Good design pays for itself now and in the future.

These 6 reasons are just the beginning. Can you think of any other reasons for good design?