The COVID-19 virus and market trends have turned communications on its side!
  • Digital media is eroding the impact of traditional media.
  • People are overloaded with marketing messages.
  • Creative intrusion will become the only way to get attention for your message, product or cause.
  • People are becoming numb to messages and ideas unless they support their own predetermined mindset.
  • The way people shop has drastically changed.
  • Consumer have hundreds of choices, and many leave your website to buy somewhere else.
  • Customer loyalty is weakening.
What is a marketer to do in this ever-changing environment?
  1. Keep up with technology while not stretching yourself too thin.
  2. Look for ways to keep the human touch. People will still crave a phone call, a text, and printed materials.
  3. Understand the fleeting nature of the new marketplace.
  4. Remember to be flexible, and be willing to switch tactics midstream.
  5. Build your own platform as you continue to move towards social and digital media. If your Facebook or LinkedIn account goes down, can you still contact your list?
  6. Build a strong contact list for direct mail, social media and phone contact.
  7. Categorize and refine your list.
Brainstorm on how you will address the current situation. Take advantage of innovative tools such as self-driving vehicles or direct delivery shopping. How will you serve the stay-at-home workers? If you are an arts organization (visual or performing), how will you interact with your audience?
The new normal will be a modified form of how business was done in 2019. Social distancing will not go away quickly, so monitor and adjust.
After this crisis is over, people will be excited to get back to something that is close to normal.
How will your company be prepared?